Bachelor (Hons) - Industrial Design

4 years
6,500 EUR/year
Rolling admission
Rolling admission
Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design

Program description

The ARUCAD Industrial Design programme encourages students to think critically, analytically, and creatively while designing products, services, and experiences. ARUCAD will provide our student designers with the knowledge, skills, and creative confidence to solve design problems with functional and sustainable product design solutions that are relevant to the needs of people, society, and businesses today through the use of our digital and fabrication facilities, including the FabLab.

The Department of Industrial Design knows that future expertise lies in a human-centred and environmentally sensitive perspective. The mission of the department is to train students who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and creativity required to provide cultural, functional, ecological and sustainable design solutions within the framework of the academic design education given, and the design potential that will raise the standards of both the country and the region in these fields.

Program structure

1st year

  • Studio 1
  • Research Methods & Discourses
  • Cultural & Contextual Studies 1
  • Design Communication 1
  • Academic English 1
  • Colloquium 1
  • Studio 2
  • Design Communication 2
  • Cultural & Contextual Studies 2
  • Detailing Design Thinking
  • Form, Function and Energy
  • Academic English 2
  • Colloquium 2

2nd year

  • Studio 3
  • Cultural and Contextual Studies 3
  • Materials, Production and Processes
  • Prototypes and Model making
  • Digital Tools in Design 1
  • Environment and Design
  • Turkish Language 1
  • History of Ataturk Principles and Revolutions 1
  • Colloquium 3
  • Studio 4
  • Digital Tools in Design 2
  • Fab Lab Studio
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Internship 1
  • Faculty Elective 1
  • Turkish Language 2
  • History of Ataturk Principles and Revolutions 2
  • Colloquium 4

3rd year

  • Studio 5
  • Faculty Elective 2
  • Faculty Elective 3
  • Department Elective 1
  • Department Elective 2
  • Colloquium 5
  • Studio 6
  • Advance Technologies in Design
  • Internship 2
  • University Elective 1
  • Department Elective 3
  • Department Elective 4
  • Colloquium 6

4th year

  • Final Major Project Proposal
  • Experimental Studio
  • Department Elective 5
  • Faculty Elective 4
  • Colloquium 7
  • Final Major Project
  • Professional Portfolio Design and Presentation Techniques
  • Digital Technologies in Design
  • Faculty Elective 5
  • University Elective 2


  • Tuition fee - 6,500 EUR/year
  • Registration Fee - 1,000 EUR/year

Requirements for applicants

  • High School Diploma + Transcript (translated to English and notarized)
  • Portfolio (scan copies of your works related to a programme applying for)
  • Scanned copy of your Passport (photo page)
  • Minimum IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 60 (In the absence of such, students will take the language proficiency exam upon arrival. Please note that all our programmes are taught in English)

About the university

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD), established in 2017 in North Cyprus, is a specialized art institution that focuses solely on the creative and communicative arts. With a focus on traditional, modern, and contemporary art education and training, and recognizing the inseparable link between theory and practice, ARUCAD aspires to become one of the most prestigious universities in art education by helping its students continuously improve their creative productivity through interdisciplinary and cross-cultural programs.

All aspects of the classroom will promote a culture of respect for the natural world, recycling, health and safety, and cultural, racial, and religious diversity. The "learning while producing, producing while learning" model of education seeks to foster more in-depth creative and critical thinking by bringing together students' real-world experiences, academic studies, and professional work.


Using the ephemeral aspects of art, design, and communication, ARUCAD seeks to make cultural and intellectual contributions to society while also developing a higher education environment with a creative, egalitarian, and innovative perspective that will satisfy the requirements of the period.


The vision of ARUCAD is to create a space that is contemporary, innovative, questioning, and production-oriented, bringing together local and international art, design, and communication.

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