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If you’ve decided to study abroad, the paths to hundreds of universities and colleges all over the globe are open for you. There are thousands of undergraduate and graduate programs both in internationally recognized education centers and small colleges located off the beaten track in Canada or the United States. With such a wide range of choices, you can easily get lost. Finding an education program abroad that suits your personal and professional goals is a serious and responsible step. When choosing an undergraduate or graduate program abroad, be sure to seek professional advice from foreign education specialists.

We are the EduMapple team – the foreign education experts who will guide you and help to choose the best training program at a foreign university, depending on your goals and budget, to prepare documents, and successfully pass tests and interviews.

The EduMapple online platform for choosing education abroad cooperates with 216 universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Bahrain, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. On our EduMapple online platform, we have collected training programs from prominent universities, small colleges, and creative centers all over the world. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you can easily obtain detailed information about the programs, compare them, get additional information, and contact us for a free consultation.

Why do applicants entrust EduMapple with choosing a program study abroad:

  • We, Leonid Kurza and Anna Pukshanskaya, are the founders of EduMapple who have amassed a wealth of personal and professional experience in working with foreign universities in different countries of the world. You can read about us here (добавить ссылку на страницу с биографией).
  • The EduMapple platform is one of the largest online catalogs with a wide range of training programs offered by universities from all over the world.
  • 1512 applicants have already become university and college students thanks to EduMapple.
  • If you need, we can find you a language school, where you will get assistance in preparing for the exams required to study in a particular country.
  • We accompany you FROM the moment you decide to choose a training program abroad UP TO your departure to the selected educational institution, including assistance in receiving a student visa. At each stage of your journey, you can count on our help with documents, our answers to your questions, as well as assessment of your chances to enroll into a particular university, and recommendations on the right way to write essays and letters of recommendation.
  • We know every detail of collecting a set of documents so that it meets a particular educational institution’s requirements. Our applicants have the highest chances of enrollment.
  • Our assistance is free for you due to our partnership with educational institutions.
  • You can complete the entire process online and save time and money on offline meetings.
  • EduMapple’s headquarters is located in the United Arab Emirates. For your convenience, we also have offices in different countries of the world.
  • We keep our fingers on the pulse. On our website, you will find only up-to-date information about higher education institutions and their training programs. We make real-time updates of the information.
  • We find ways to solve any situation and complex cases, including non-standard ones.

Who are we?

Choosing a university abroad is an extremely responsible step that will play one of the key roles in your life. Higher education lays that very basis that will become the foundation of your career, future growth, and your business ties. Only professionals can help you make the right choice and decide on a university – the ones who have already made this way themselves and have achieved success in the international education sector.

We, the founders of EduMapple, have a wealth of personal and professional experience in education abroad. And here, we share our stories with you.

Leonid Kurza

  •  Master’s Degree in Technology Commercialization at the School of Business, University of Texas, Austin, USA, 2012;
  •  Master’s Degree in Technology Management at the University of Wisconsin, USA, 2011.

Before enrolling into a graduate program in the United States, Leonid lacked sufficient English proficiency. His language skills weren’t enough to pass GRE and TOEFL tests, which were compulsory for those wishing to enroll into an American graduate program. Leonid need training, which he took in language schools in Malta and the United States.

After completing his Master’s Degree in Texas, Leonid spent three years at the University of Texas, Austin, working on development of online educational programs. He founded the company in 2017, which books language courses for students from different countries.

The most difficult thing Leonid experienced when getting an education abroad is the lack of a single catalog of both language school programs and graduate programs. He had to use different sources to search for them and compare them on his own. There was a terrible lack of information and mentors’ support. That’s why the EduMapple service was born – here, you can find and choose a suitable program to study abroad, get advice and assistance in enrollment procedures and paperwork.

Anna Pukshanskaya has been working in international education since 2008. She graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, as well as completed a semester course at HUMAK University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Over this time, Anna worked in educational agencies, helping students enroll in different language schools, secondary schools, and universities in different countries: the United States, Australia, European countries, New Zealand, etc. Work in agencies gave her incredible experience in interacting with students from different countries, with educational institutions, as well as hundreds of different cases of successful enrollment with different applicant profiles.

Anna has also worked for several European universities, where she was responsible for enrolling students:

  • Business Hospitality Management School, Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • University for the Creative Arts, United Kingdom
  • University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany.

Besides, Anna has worked for a language school and a secondary school in Switzerland:

  • Collège et Lycée Saint Charles Secondary School, Switzerland.
  • FriLingue Language and Holiday Camps Switzerland.

This experience has given Anna a very perceptive and deep understanding of both future students’ requirements and the criteria used by educational institutions when enrolling applicants.

In addition to working in agencies and educational institutions, Anna has taken and still takes part in various events: exhibitions, presentations, and conferences all over the globe, such as ICEF (in Berlin, Moscow, Mumbai), Alphe (London, Malaga, St. Petersburg), and WEBA – Zurich. This gives her access to the most up-to-date information about the educational sector, high-quality networking and knowledge, which Anna generously shares with future students of foreign universities.

Anna actively helped students from CIS countries, Turkey, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, and India enroll into universities and schools.