EduMapple are Specialists in the Field of Education Abroad

EduMapple will help you navigate and choose the study program at a foreign university based on your goals and budget. Also our team can help you to prepare your documents, successfully complete tests and interviews. We collaborate with 216 universities and colleges in the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore, the UAE, Turkey, Bahrain, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Our clients are prospective students from the CIS countries, the UAE, Turkey, and India.

EduMapple’s  platform offers one of the largest online catalogs with a wide range of educational programs at universities and colleges worldwide. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can explore detailed information about the programs, compare them, obtain additional information, and reach out to us for a free consultation.

Applicants Trust EduMapple

  • Our team has extensive personal and professional experience working with foreign universities in different countries around the world. This allows us to find solutions for the most unconventional situations and complex cases.
  • EduMapple is one of the largest catalog websites with an extensive selection of educational programs from universities and colleges worldwide.
  • Over 1,500 applicants have already become students at foreign universities and colleges thanks to EduMapple.
  • If necessary, we will help you choose a language school to prepare for exams for studying in a particular country.
  • Our experts support applicants from the moment of choosing an education program abroad to the departure to the educational institution. You can rely on EduMapple's assistance and support at every stage of this challenging journey, including the editing of motivational and recommendation letters.
  • We know in detail how to prepare a document package to meet the requirements of the educational institution.
  • The entire collaboration process with EduMapple takes place online, saving not only time but also money.

We are convinced that everyone is capable of reaching great heights if provided with the right tools and opportunities. However, the path to education abroad can be challenging. Our mission is to make it accessible and inspiring for everyone.

Leonid Kurza, co-founder of EduMapple, completed two foreign programs:

  • Master's degree from the Texas University business school in Austin, USA in the "Commercialization of Technologies" program, 2012;
  • Master's degree from the University of Wisconsin, USA in the "Management of Technologies" program, 2011.

Before enrolling in graduate school in the United States, Leonid did not speak English at the required level. His knowledge was insufficient to pass the mandatory GRE and TOEFL exams. Leonid underwent training at language schools in Malta and the United States to improve his English. After completing his master's degree in Texas, Leonid worked for three years at the Texas University in Austin on creating educational online programs. In 2017, he founded the company, which deals with booking language courses for students from different countries.

The main difficulty that Leonid experienced when obtaining education abroad was the lack of a single catalog of both language school programs and graduate programs. He had to search and compare on his own, using different sources. There was a severe lack of information and support from mentors. It was precisely from this request that the EduMapple platform appeared, where you can not only choose an education program abroad but also receive help with admission and document processing.


Anna Pukshanskaya, co-founder of EduMapple, has been working in the field of education abroad since 2008. She graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, as well as a semester at HUMAK University of Applied Sciences in Finland. During this time, Anna worked in educational agencies, where she helped students enroll in various language schools, high schools, and universities in different countries: the USA, Australia, European countries, New Zealand, and more. The result of working in agencies was a colossal experience of interaction with students and educational institutions of many countries, as well as hundreds of successful admission cases with different profiles of applicants.

Anna was also responsible for enrolling students in several European universities:

  • Business Hospitality Management School; Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • University for the Creative Arts; UK
  • University of Europe for Applied Sciences; Berlin, Germany.
  • In addition, Anna worked in language and high schools in Switzerland:
  • Collège et Lycée Saint Charles High School; Switzerland.
  • FriLingue Language and Holiday Camps; Switzerland.

Thanks to this experience, Anna has formed a subtle and deep understanding of both the requirements of future students and the criteria that educational institutions use when enrolling.

In addition to working in agencies and educational institutions, Anna participated and continues to participate in exhibitions, presentations, and conferences around the world. For example, at ICEF - in Berlin, Moscow, Mumbai; Alphe - in London, Malaga, St. Petersburg, WEBA - in Zurich. This provides access to up-to-date information in the field of education, which Anna generously shares with future students of foreign universities.

We do believe that obtaining an education abroad is the best way to change and grow. Any obstacles can be overcome with the right approach and a true passion for what you do.