Master - Marketing & Commercial Management

1 year
9,750 EUR
Oct 2023
Apr 2023
Multiple Locations / Spain
ESERP - Business & Law School

Program description

One of the oldest academic fields still developing at a rapid pace is marketing. Perhaps it is because of its dynamic and creative nature that the sector remains one of the most desirable and in-demand today. The goal of the Master of Science in Marketing and Commercial Management program is to equip you with the skills necessary to become an expert in the field, from the fundamentals of marketing strategy and planning to the cutting-edge techniques of neuromarketing.

The technological side will also be emphasized, as we will learn how new developments in this area have altered the face of traditional marketing by removing geographical limitations. Because never before have we had so many resources with which to launch global campaigns, and so few restrictions. What's the trick to making them and getting people to recognize your brand? This is the key takeaway from your training!

Course offered at campuses in Barcelona and Mallorca

Program structure


  • The Fundamentals of Marketing. Marketing Plan
  • Marketing & Business. Marketing in Industrial and Service Companies.
  • Research & Marketing Science: Market Research and Neuromarketing
  • Branding, Crisis Management and Reputational Risk
  • Management Skills. Leadership and Empowerment. Team Management
  • Sales Network Management. Negotiation and Key Account Management
  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Marketing and Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Budget. Pricing Policy. Profit and Gross Margin
  • Legal Framework
  • Products Strategy and Brand Positioning: Globalization and Decision Making
  • Global Marketing. New Markets & Export Subsidies

Skills Stacking

  • Skill's Tower of Babel
  • Business Garage
  • E-consumer

Executive Training

  • Intelligent Applications on Business Processes
  • Learning by Playing
  • Lean Startup
  • Professional Tools


  • Total price: 9,750 EUR (excluding the costs of issuing diplomas)
  • 5% discount for propmt payment.
  • Enrolment fee: 1,800 EUR

Remaining fee: The rest will be paid in 10 monthly instalments, financed directly by eserp, without interest from October to July of 795 EUR.


Requirements for applicants

  • English/Spanish level minimum B2/certificate or interview in English/Spanish
  • Higher education diploma (BA / MA) or work experience from 4 years
  • CV in Spanish or English
  • international passport
  • Motivational letter in Spanish or English

About the university

Jose Luis Barquero Garcés (1939-2014) was a Spanish professor whose ideas redirected the country's higher education system. By founding Eserp in the 1980s, José Luis made possible what had previously been only a pipe dream for many students: the chance to pursue bilingual university education, with the added bonus of studying abroad and gaining exposure to new prospects on a global scale. This groundbreaking bilingual endeavor has blossomed into a prestigious business school with campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca.

Great thinkers like Professor Dr. Edward Louis Bernays Freud and Dr. Sam Black were instrumental in Professor Dr. José Luis Barquero Garcés's breakthrough. In addition to establishing a previously nonexistent bilingual university education in Spain, Barquero also succeeded in educating the next generation of business leaders on the value of developing an international perspective. Something we have always believed in and strived to instill in our students here at Eserp Business & Law School.

The creation of a School of Social Sciences and Business that provides practical and effective teaching was the driving force behind the Business School, which has more than 35 years of history and more than 3,500 students from all over the world who come to its classrooms to begin their training, along with a network of more than 41,000 alumni. Learning by Doing and professional speakers create dynamic situations to increase students' skills and decision-making.

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