Bachelor - Digital and Social Media

3 years
9,800 EUR/year
Rolling admission
Rolling admission
Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Program description

Bachelor's degree in business administration The MCI pathway, with a specialisation in Digital & Social Media, aims to develop the skills and competencies of a manager working in the communications department or the ICT department of a company or organisation who is in charge of online branding and communications strategies with all stakeholders.

Along with general MCI themes like 'Mass Communication,' 'Public Relations,' and 'Company Branding,' the specialty modules focus on Digital & Social Media and cover topics like 'Understanding the New Digital Platforms,' 'The New Media and Digital Cultures,' and 'The Digital Economy.'

Students in their final year supplement the core of their bachelor's degree with strategic studies like 'Internet Collaboration & Innovation' and 'Social Media Analytics.'

Students in the MCI programme who specialise in Digital & Social Media will complete their work experience, projects, and graduation assignment in the field of web-based digital communication and social media management for businesses and organisations!

Part 3 of the Graduation & Examination Guide contains a comprehensive review of the programme.

Program structure

Year 1

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Intercultural Management
  • Small Business Environment
  • Modern Principles of Marketing
  • Management, Leadership & The Organisation
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Training in Interpersonal Skills
  • TIPS - Interviewing Skills
  • TIPS - Effective Meeting
  • TIPS - Peak Performance
  • TIPS - Feedback and Group Interaction
  • Business Communication
  • Marketing Mix
  • Organisational Theory
  • Project Management Basics
  • 2nd Foreign Languages
  • PDP 1 – Personal Development Plan & Tutoring and Academic English
  • PDP Seminar - Business Presentation Skills
  • PDP Seminar - Project Management Game
  • PDP Seminar - Leadership in Business Environment
  • PDP Seminar - Team Building
  • PDP Seminar - Effective Time Management
  • 6 x Project Week & In-Company Visits

Year 2

  • Administrative Organisation Management
  • Sociology & Organisational Behaviour New Business Environment
  • International Law in Business & Commerce
  • Marketing Research
  • 2nd Foreign Languages
  • Understanding the New Digital Platforms
  • The New Media and Digital Cultures
  • Business Gamification & Simulation
  • European Law
  • Information Management
  • Managing Organisations
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • PDP Seminar - Managing Diversity
  • PDP 2 – Personal Development Plan, Tutoring & Academic English
  • PDP Seminar - Negotiation
  • PDP Seminar - Consulting Skills
  • PDP Seminar - Tapping your Creativity
  • PDP Seminar - Conflict Management
  • 6 Project week & In-Company Visits

Year 3

  • Databases & Information Retrieval
  • The Digital Economy
  • Internet Collaboration & Innovation
  • Statistics
  • Business Plan
  • Enterprise Technology & Innovation
  • CRM & Software Management
  • Website Design & Benchmarking
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial & Risk Management
  • Research Methodology & Quantitative Methods
  • Enterprise Diagnostics & Evaluation
  • International Marketing for SMEs
  • Intercultural Business Communication for Managers
  • PDP 3 - Personal Development Plan & Tutoring

Year 4

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Quality Management
  • Advanced Corporate Strategy
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Work Placement Module
  • Graduation Assignment


Tuition Fee

Annual: 9,800 EUR

Requirements for applicants

Entry Requirements - Bachelor Programmes

  • High School Diploma or final certificate, equivalent to the Netherlands HAVO or MBO level-4 diploma / UK AS & A-Level or BTEC. Please contact the Admissions Office to receive High School diploma comparisons. Advanced Placement / Credit Transfer Possible - please see Credit Transfer & Accreditation of Prior Learning at WUASfor more information.

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS 6 or TOEFL equivalent. Click here for an overview of the equivalent scores.
  • TOEFL Code of Wittenborg is 4889.

About the university

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn is a young, innovative, and fully approved business school. Wittenborg University was founded in 1987. With over a thousand students and faculty members from over a hundred different countries, this private university of applied sciences and business school in the Netherlands boasts the distinction of being the most cosmopolitan in the country. The Amsterdam campus is an active part of the institution and features a curriculum that emphasizes entrepreneurship.

Wittenborg’s Mission & Vision

The long-term goal of Wittenborg University is to be recognized globally as a leading university of applied sciences known for its international, innovative approach to teaching, research, and service to the (business) community. According to Wittenborg, "Better Yourself, Better Our World" should be everyone's guiding principle.

By providing an environment where internationalization, diversity, and ethics provide the foundation for effective applied, research-informed, global learning, Wittenborg's mission is to make a positive social impact in Apeldoorn and the surrounding region.

WUAS Locations

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is based in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam.

  • Wittenborg has over 1200 students from over 100 nationalities in Apeldoorn, and because of its international character, it takes pride in offering all its students quality student housing in its own campus accommodation in the town center and in own-managed student apartments close to the university.
  • Business, tourism, and culture surround the Amsterdam Campus. The 100+ Wittenborg business and entrepreneurship students commonly live in Amsterdam and combine their studies with business start-ups. The study is in a modern business building near Schiphol Airport and public transportation. 

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