Master of Business Management - Tourism and Travel

1,5 years
18,300 EUR
Rolling admission
Rolling admission
Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Program description

Studying at a rigorous academic level, including case studies and research, is at the heart of this interesting MSc, Master of Business Management with a concentration in Tourism & Travel. Students do a short work placement that is typically directly related to their final project as part of the degree's professional-based learning module and during the program's designated "project weeks."

The curriculum includes both traditional MBA fare and more general studies in business, economics, and management. Students will be able to expand their understanding of corporate management and administration through the program's modules on topics such global economics and strategic management, globalization, society, and culture.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that there would be around 1.6 billion international arrivals by 2020. Therefore, the sector requires individuals with an appreciation for the relevance, complexity, and dynamics of a dynamically changing and expanding industry.

Program structure

Semester 1

Core Modules

  • Marketing Management
  • Globalisation, Society & Culture
  • Research Methods Introduction (Final Project)
  • The World Economy
  • Professional Inquiry

Specialisation Modules

  • Critical Perspectives in Tourism Management
  • New Media, Marketing and Analytics

Semester 2

Core Modules

  • Research Methods (Final Project)
  • Micro Economics - Global Perspectives
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Module (3 Project Weeks, linked to Final Project)

Specialisation Modules

  • Destination Management & Planning
  • Consultancy - Tourism, Travel & Sustainability

Semester 3 (Work Placement & Graduation)

  • Professional-Based Learning 
  • Final Project


Tuition Fee

18,300 EUR - сomplete programme (9,150 EUR - per year)

Requirements for applicants

Entry Requirements - Master Programmes

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent recognised qualification;
  • 3 years professional experience;

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS 6 or TOEFL equivalent.

About the university

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn is a young, innovative, and fully approved business school. Wittenborg University was founded in 1987. With over a thousand students and faculty members from over a hundred different countries, this private university of applied sciences and business school in the Netherlands boasts the distinction of being the most cosmopolitan in the country. The Amsterdam campus is an active part of the institution and features a curriculum that emphasizes entrepreneurship.

Wittenborg’s Mission & Vision

The long-term goal of Wittenborg University is to be recognized globally as a leading university of applied sciences known for its international, innovative approach to teaching, research, and service to the (business) community. According to Wittenborg, "Better Yourself, Better Our World" should be everyone's guiding principle.

By providing an environment where internationalization, diversity, and ethics provide the foundation for effective applied, research-informed, global learning, Wittenborg's mission is to make a positive social impact in Apeldoorn and the surrounding region.

WUAS Locations

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is based in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam.

  • Wittenborg has over 1200 students from over 100 nationalities in Apeldoorn, and because of its international character, it takes pride in offering all its students quality student housing in its own campus accommodation in the town center and in own-managed student apartments close to the university.
  • Business, tourism, and culture surround the Amsterdam Campus. The 100+ Wittenborg business and entrepreneurship students commonly live in Amsterdam and combine their studies with business start-ups. The study is in a modern business building near Schiphol Airport and public transportation. 

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