Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

4 years
6,500 USD/year
Sep 2023
Aug 2023
Izmir / Turkey
Yasar University

Program description

Psychology students are taught how to apply psychological data and findings to a variety of professional contexts. They learn to reflect on the various fields of the social sciences, to investigate and question, and to actively contribute to their own personal goals as well as to the overall improvement of society.

Graduates may be offered positions in private or public health systems, educational institutions, research centres, human resource offices, research and development units in private sector establishments, psychological consultancy centres, judicial courts and prisons, retirement homes, rehabilitation centres, nursery schools, private training centres in education, offering psycho-techniques, and other similar programmes.

Program structure

1 semester

  • Essentials of economics
  • Atatürk's principles and history of revolution1
  • Mathematics for social sciences 
  • General psychology 
  • Introduction to sociology 
  • English for academic purposes 1
  • Turkish 1

2 semester

  • Introduction to biology
  • Introduction to philosophy 
  • The science of psychology 
  • Computing for social sciences 
  • English for academic purposes 1

3 semester

  • Atatürk's principles and history of revolution 2
  • Biological psychology 
  • Statistics & research methods in psychology 1
  • Life span development 
  • Turkish 2

4 semester 

  • Statistics & research methods in psychology 2
  • Social psychology 
  • Cognitive psychology 
  • Research culture 
  • Ethic culture 

5 semester

  • Testing and measurement in psychology
  • Personality psychology 
  • Psychopathology: adulthood
  • Social responsibility 

6 semester

  • Clinical psychology 
  • Cognitive neuroscience 
  • Project culture 

7 semester

  • Industrial and organizational psychology 

8 semester

  • History of psychology


Tuition fee: 6,500 USD/year

Application fee: 50 USD one-time

Requirements for applicants

  • High school/secondary education (or higher)
  • The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English/Turkish.
  • Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.
  • You must take the original entry qualification documents along with you when you finally go to the university.
  • Quota for the department is 2 ppl and is applicable for all the applications around the world

Language requirements:

  • TOEFL IBT 78
  • CAE Grade B or above
  • Yasar University FLAT exam 65%

Other requirements:

  • At least 1 reference(s) must be provided.
  • A motivation letter must be added to your application.

About the university

Selçuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation launched Yaşar University in Izmir in 2001 to promote culture, art, and design and provide education, research, and services to the local and worldwide society.

Yaşar University offers 2 graduate schools, 9 faculties, 1 school of applied science, 2 vocational schools, and a school of foreign languages to create the difference pupils require and grow persons with academic and professional knowledge, social responsibility, and arts awareness. Yaşar University offers 10 doctorate, 23 master, 32 undergraduate, and 13 associate degree programmes.

Yaşar University was recognised by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA) for the first time in 2011 and again for 10 years in 2016. It continues to deliver high-quality English language instruction to students learning English as a second language. Students can also take international-standard German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Greek language classes.

The European Commission has awarded Yaşar University the Erasmus Success Story twice in a decade for its collaboration and exchange agreements with over 600 universities from 65 countries. 258 students from 58 countries attend Yaşar University.

Yaşar University has 9484 students, 414 academic staff, and 323 administrative employees, and it focuses on providing high-quality education to students who want to maximise their university experience.

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